CompleteGP has been developed with the user in mind. It is designed to work in single handed to multi-centre practices, from the computer novice to the most sophisticated user.

Fast design response to Clinical Need

CompleteGP has consistently included new and innovative features quickly and efficiently. (E.g. Rosendaal Interpolation method for the assessment of time in therapeutic range, Warfarin dosing module, On-line Web Calculators e.g. Framingham, ARIC, CHADS, five eGFR calculations, first to have Accounting package integration, used as beta test for national projects, and much more.

Audit - Research easily accomplished

Once of the primary aims in design was to have interrogatable coded data to facilitate Chronic Disease Management delivery and audit (e.g. Diabetes Care). Clinical governances aided by configurable coded phrases for consistent clinical operating procedures and coded data collection, all searchable as will be required in the future.

Quick, detailed access to complete patient medical picture

Front page, contains last consult, important summary items, allergies, recalls, Recent Key measurements, Family History providing an instant overview. Tabbed windows provide quick access to Scripts, Inoculations, Correspondence, Clinical and Laboratory flowcharts, and Chronic Disease Management pages. Multiple Patient files can be open at any time for review (e.g. Phone calls). Even in the middle of data entry of another patient.

Saves Practice Time & Money

  • Staff Time
  • Consultation Time
  • Billing
  • PCRS

Staff Time Improved scanning techniques, Appointment systems, direct importation of medical devices eliminates printing / scanning, auto filling and instantaneous submission of STC claim forms, sophisticated templates promotes clinicians to quickly write their own referral letters using consultation data.

Consultation Time Direct import of Blood Pressure saves one minute per consultation, Complete patient picture available at finger tips, easy recording +/- coding (ICPC-2, ICD-10), Drug/Drug Interactions, Drug/Allergy, Drug/Diagnosis issues (eg. Drugs affecting Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Thyroid), all rapidly displayed. Autofilled forms,

Billing Automated billing process, intemised detail, discount reasons, balance billing GMS, CIE, GARDA, Insurance claim GP codes, pay in surgery or office, Companies, Capitation etc., notification in office of amount due, Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports, lodgement reconciliation, direct export to account packages. Cashier reconcilliation

PCRS Direct download and reconciliation of current GMS card holders, one touch GMS card validation, Full capitation listings, subsidy calculation, reconcillation of STCs paid by PCRS. GMS STCs including Vacines can be auto filled based on clinical vaccine given and automatically submitted to PCRS for payment with a single click and no additional data entry by staff.

User Friendly

Advanced features don't interfere with normal consultation entry allowing novice users to quickly become proficient. Integrates forms/ templates/ letters with familiar editors (MS Word, Adobe Reader, Open Office).

Easy transfer of information from old system to new format

CompleteGP, where possible, sycrhonises old practice information with the new CompleteGP format, allowing for the same view as new information.

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